I-ology celebrates 20 years of digital transformation

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, I-ology celebrated 20 years of digital transformation. On that evening, the I-ology team gathered Trish Bear’s closest family, friends, and colleagues for a memorable, surprise celebration at the Phoenix Country Club. Trish and the I-ology team are very proud of this milestone and thankful for all of the meaningful people who came out to support and recognize the journey of the company over the past 20 years.

The celebration kicked off with a surprise entrance in which Trish was greeted by all of her closest family and friends. The surprises didn’t stop there! Over drinks and appetizers, a special video was presented to Trish containing favorite memories, stories and well-wishes shared by several of her family, friends and mentors (this even included those who don’t reside in Arizona). The video ended on a more comical note with the I-ology team reenacting what the vibe in the office would have been like 20 years ago by dancing to some of the greatest hits of 1998. Both of these videos can be viewed here.

After a night full of laughter and memories, I-ology remains excited about their continued growth in all aspects of the business! They also remain focused on continuing to build technology solutions that evolve and transform the ways in which their customers’ do business. Cheers to 20 more years and beyond!

Top 5 moments of the night:

  1. The special video
  2. Seeing the I-ology team dance
  3. Sean taught Trish’s kids to make fart sounds on the microphone
  4. Trish’s kids turned their feet green from running on the grass
  5. The guests devoured all of the Swedish Meatballs

“It was such a shock. The amount of effort and planning (and sneakiness) that it took to throw such an amazing event made me feel honored in a way I never could have imagined. I was so overwhelmed to be recognized in such a way.” - Trish Bear, CEO & President of I-ology