Helios Education Foundation whose mission is to enrich the lives of individuals in Arizona and Florida by creating opportunities for success in postsecondary education, and I-ology, a web solutions technology company based out of Scottsdale, Ariz., launched a brand new website focused on educational issues that impact the birth through postsecondary education continuum.

The brand new responsive site showcases content and streamlined branding to produce a seamless user experience. The site provides information centered on education reform and thought-leadership articles that provide educators and community leaders insight into collaborative strategies that enhance workforce preparedness for students and enhance each community’s economic viability.

From conception and wire framing to launch and ongoing updates, the I-ology team has worked closely with Helios to present a responsive design that puts the Helios mission and impact at the forefront of the website.

“We are very proud of the collaborative partnership with the Helios team,” said Trish Bear, CEO and President of I-ology. “Helios has been an amazing partner, and working together we have developed a strategic plan to help them excel in the education foundation space.”

The News and Media section of the site truly represents the Foundation’s stance on furthering education opportunities. The section highlights interactive media that informs education and community leaders about raising the standards in education today. With annual reports, videos, photos and key interviews, the content provides website visitors with valuable information.

To learn more or to sign up to receive education news and information from Helios, visit the newly launched, responsive website at www.Helios.org.

About Helios

Helios Education Foundation is focused on creating opportunities for individuals to succeed in postsecondary education by advancing the academic preparedness of all students and fostering a high-expectation, college-going culture in Arizona and Florida. Through a decade of strategic partnership and investment, Helios has identified Early Grade Success, College and Career Readiness and Postsecondary Completion as the three most critical reform priorities in achieving our long term goal. As an engaged foundation, embedded in communities across both states, the Foundation is contributing its expertise and financial resources to better prepare students for college and career and to compete successfully in a globally-competitive economy. Since 2006, Helios has invested over $160 million in education-related programs and initiatives in Arizona and Florida. For more information about the Foundation, visit www.helios.org.