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The quality of being outstanding.

Open Full-Time Positions

Full-Time I-ology employees.

Director of User Experience & Visual Design

A seasoned professional and leader that possesses an intuitive feeling for the way a product should work and an understanding of how users want to view and interact with the end product. This individual has exceptionally strong presentation skills and an unyielding passion for designing world-class web-based & mobile products for clients.

Business Development Executive, Digital Transformation Services

A highly motivated and experienced individual that will drive sales expansion for both digital consulting services, and software application development projects. This individual will generate revenue by developing strong, meaningful relationships in the community and then developing market potential through forecasting, lead generation, qualification, and closing sales.

Professional Services Resource Manager

An analytical and detail-oriented individual that will manage the resourcing of all projects and own relationships with subcontractors and vendors. This individual will ensure that the right resources, with the right skill sets, are assigned and available at the right times.

UX Designer

A creative, innovative, and detail-oriented individual who is responsible for the development and production of visual assets and designs that support the Clients’ brand via client web sites and applications.  

Open Contractor Positions

Part-time independent contractor relationships.

Front-End Developer

A passionate individual that will develop high-quality web- and mobile-based interfaces that incorporate modern design techniques, theories, and best practices. This individual is strong in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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