The debate on social media is over. Social media is a key player for businesses if they want to keep up with the current economic marketplace. Just using social media isn’t enough to set you or your business apart anymore, it is a given. So how do you make sure social media is working for you? Social media is constantly evolving and incorporating new technologies and tactics. Staying on top of social media trends, or even ahead of them, is the dividing factor between a company who is on social media and a company who is good at social media. Whether you have 100 followers or 15,000, one of your goals should be increasing your social media presence. All companies need to stay innovative with their social media posts while keeping relevance to what their users are looking for.

3 Things You Should Already Be Doing

  1. Mobile First Attitude
    People spend the majority of their time looking at social media on mobile devices and the number of mobile devices in the world continue to grow. Most social platforms have more traffic from mobile devices than desktop and some are purely accessible via mobile like SnapChat. Thinking and creating a mobile-first world helps create posts that will best reach your audience.
  2. Videos
    Over the past few years there has been a huge push for videos and it continues to be the best way to reach users on social platforms. Users are more likely to watch and retain information presented in video format than just text or images.
  3. Authentic Posts
    Users want to hear from people, not companies. Making your posts authentic allows it to be more personable for your audience. It is important to stick with the brand and not stray away to jump on a bandwagon. Viewers can tell when companies are not being authentic.

3 Things Users Want You To Be Doing

  1. Create A Community Around Your Brand
    People want to feel like they are a part of something and that their voice matters. They also enjoy interacting with similar people, such as others who enjoy the same products as services. Creating a community around your brand allows people to connect better with you and with each other.
  2. Offer Customer Service On Your Social Platforms
    All social media platforms include some sort of messaging system. It is important to use these features to enhance your followers customer service experience. Providing quick responses and effective messaging allows an easy way for people to connect with your company and receive the answers they need instantly without the hassle of calling or waiting for a reply to an email.
  3. Engagement Between The Company And The Followers
    While every company wants their followers to share, like, and comment on their posts it is important to provide meaningful responses and start a conversation with your followers. Users prefer a unique response rather than a “thank you” or “That’s great”

7 Things You Should Start Doing

  1. Branded Videos
    Tell a story, do not directly sell a product. You can do this by comparing products, showing customer testimonials, show a product in use, or show features of a product. Make a video that the viewers can relate to, do not make a traditional ad. The more relatable and entertaining the higher engagement rate you will see.
  2. Ephemeral Content
    Ephemeral content is temporary video that is deleted after a set amount of time, typically 24 hours. This is a great way to create authentic content and promote small updates with your followers. One of the great things about ephemeral content is that it is located in the prime locations of most social media apps. It is also important to remember that these posts do not need to be perfect. Users appreciate the candid moments that are not necessarily professionally created.
  3. Live Streaming
    Live streaming allows viewers to enter an event or moment that they would otherwise be missing out on. Not only can viewers watch it live, but they are able to comment and react in real time and have the company or person respond as if they were in the same room.
  4. Influencer Marketing
    This is the largest growing marketing channel in 2018. The use of influencers takes the idea of celebrity endorsements and places it into today’s content-driven market. Influencers can be anywhere or anyone as long as they align with your company’s audience, your values, and your goals. Using influencers helps to expand your reach to new audiences. Companies can benefit from using both small influencers and large influencers, each has different strengths.
  5. Social Commerce
    Having the ability to make a product purchase from a social platform is game-changing. Using social commerce allows followers to find out product details and make a purchase as soon as they see an item they like. It cuts the amount of times a customer can quit their purchasing journey and makes quick decisions easy to act upon.
  6. Augmented Reality
    Augmented reality is connecting the real world with our virtual community. Social media platforms are allowing companies to connect the two in many different ways. While you can use fun face filters to promote your brand you can also show how your product looks in real life. Use AR to help eliminate any hesitation a buyer may have before they purchase your product.
  7. Chatbots
    Chatbots are becoming smarter by the month and platforms like Facebook are offering companies customizable bots that will best assist their incoming messages. Chatbots offer 24 hour customer support to users and also creates a more efficient use of your customer service staff’s time.

By keeping on top of emerging social media trends, you ensure your company will be at the forefront of consumer’s minds and keep yourself competitive. Continuous research and analysis of new technologies and how they can fit into your digital marketing strategies are key components to a well-rounded marketing plan.

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