As we continue to react to the world's pandemic, it may be tempting to pause digital strategies. However, based on current business trends, and a review of previous defining moments from our history, several experts are advising just the opposite. This disruption will spur evolution.

Take advantage of this time to push your digital initiatives forward. Here are some valuable resources to assist you.

  1. Doubling Down on Digital Transformation During the Coronavirus Pandemic - CIO published the importance of avoiding the urge to cancel digital initiatives and not revert back to traditional business models. Their experts state that continued digital efforts that focus on increasing company resilience will land you in a better position after the pandemic passes. Read More
  2. How The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Fast-Tracking Digital Transformation In Companies - LinkedIn
    Bernard Marr, a strategic business & technology expert, shared his insight on how organizations that think outside of the box and fast-track their digital initiatives will end up ahead of their competitors. Read More
  3. How Healthcare Embraces Digital Transformation in Face of Pandemic - Salesforce
    Salesforce shares how virtual care, data analytics, and digital engagement efforts have accelerated in order to mobilize care and reimagine processes. Read More
  4. Digital transformation: 4 Ways to Plan for the Post-Pandemic Normal - The Enterprisers Project
    Everyone has had to quickly adapt to remote working and new environments and this will change how business is conducted moving forward. The Enterprisers Project shares how to start preparing for post-pandemic operations and how this new digital norm requires a shift in your strategies. Read More

Together, we can get through this stronger than before. If you would like to explore how you might leverage these opportunities, please contact us.