At I-ology, clear communication is a key component of operations. While email is a great tool, sometimes employees only need to send a quick message or easily add a peer into a conversation. Slack has helped the I-ology team consolidate conversations and has offered a central platform for internal communication. Since incorporating Slack at I-ology, we have seen an increase in transparency and productivity.

1. Centralized Team Communication

It can quickly become overwhelming to keep track of multiple email threads, where individuals may not be copied properly or side conversations may happen. Through Slack, communication can be segmented into Channels. Users can be added to as many channels as needed and can leave channels as focuses change. Channels help to ensure that everyone accountable for a project or task stays up to date on what is occurring throughout each day. Slack also makes it simple to exchange messages privately between two people or a small group.

2. Application Integration

Slack offers over 1,500 app integrations and allows companies to build custom API’s. Integrating apps allow the team to easily share details and be updated on alerts. Below are the Slack integrations I-ology currently uses.

Google Drive: Being able to connect our Google Drive account and Slack makes sharing files even easier! It also helps files not be lost in emails, especially when users can star or pin messages within Slack.

Google Calendar: Team members can be notified of upcoming events, event changes, and reminders for calendar events. Reminders can be sent to a Channel or to specific users! This integration helps to keep everyone on time.

Github: Integrating Github with our Slack allows users the ability to gain quick insight into what their team is working on and what activities are happening. This results in a well-managed workflow and communication to include direct referencing.

Zoom: The team can send Zoom invites through the platform, allowing a hassle-free option for audio or video communication when employees are working remotely. The integration inserts a link to immediately join a call and will send a report at the end of the call describing who was on the call and how long it lasted.

Giphy: One of the team’s favorite integration is being able to search and insert a gif directly within the platform. It provides for funny team moments and the perfect representation of a teams members reaction.

Poll: This simple tool allows our team to gain insight on everyone’s opinion without having to go desk to desk or send out a mass email. It is easy for users to set up a new pool and quick for everyone to respond accordingly.

Custom API’s: Alertra & New Relic – Our team created custom API’s that notify a specific Slack channel for all of our New Relic and Alertra alerts. This instant notification allows our team to quickly react and address alerts. Another great aspect is that instead of an email going to a single account, it alerts everyone in that specific channel. This helps makes sure that all matters are taken care of and managed.

3. File Sharing

Slack makes it simple to share files with one person, a group, or the entire team. It also serves as an archive for older versions of files. This feature, along with the Google Drive integration, allows the team to share any file necessary. File sharing is great to help multiple people work on a presentation or to have team members share their most recent pet pictures and videos.

Here’s a screenshot of some of the recent pet photos the team has shared with each other.

4. Accessible Across Devices

Slack is available via the web, desktop app, and mobile app! All versions are great to use and make it easy to transfer between devices. It allows people to step away from their desk and still be easily reachable and updated on project status.

Slack is an amazing tool for teams and offers features that benefit a wide variety of roles. Hear what some I-ology team members have to say!

“Slack makes work communication enjoyable and efficient”
– Ashton I-ology Back-End Developer

“Being able to maintain a categorized record of interpersonal conversations in Slack makes it really easy to reference past conversations as well as storing documents, code snippets, and important posts.”
– Sean I-ology Back-End Developer