Technology can have both a positive and negative impact on people’s lives. Here are 10 reasons why I-ology team members are thankful for technology!

1. “I am thankful for cloud & mobile technologies that allow me the flexibility to balance my professional and personal life.”
Trish Bear, CEO & President of I-ology

2. “In the age of information, it’s important that access to information is available to the people who need it. Technology allows us to provide information in real time to clients and colleagues – making our lives streamlined and efficient!”
Sean Sumler, Back-End Developer

3. “I am thankful that technology allows me to stay in touch with relatives across the world. It is amazing how technology enables communities to connect and learn from each other.”
Justienne de Castro, Client Support Specialist

4. “I am thankful for technology because it allows us limitless access to information to enrich our lives!”
Brad Bauer, Director of Application Development

5. “I’m thankful for technology because it enables me to have a potential at a greater lifespan than past generations have had.”
Ashton Alexander, Senior Software Developer

6. “I’m thankful for technology because I don’t know what my career or hobbies would be without technology in my life.”
Nohea Slocum, UX Designer

7. “I am thankful for advances in medicine that have been made due to technology.”
P.J. Melies, Senior .NET Developer

8. “I am thankful for technology because it gives everyone access to knowledge and power beyond their original reach. It empowers the individual consumer to make better and more informed decisions.”
Kyle Krone, Project Coordinator

9. “I’m thankful for the ways technology has enhanced our lives. From keeping in touch with friends and family to giving us access to information from anywhere.”
Rob Lammers, Front-End Developer

10. “I am thankful for technology because it allows me to be more efficient and effective in my personal and professional life each and every day!”
Katrina Backis, Director of Operations

Technology has had such a large impact on our team. We are thankful to be able to work in the technology market and love helping others see the positive impact of technology.

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